Moto Italia will be closed Friday, March 26th through May 10, 2021. We are re-organizing our inventory and taking time for a little R&R. We will be back better than ever with a big announcement in May! Stay tuned…

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Welcome to Moto Italia

New and used parts for Italian built Harley-Davidson Sprint motorcycles.

ORDER DESK: (707) 763-1982

Moto Italia (formerly located at features a huge inventory of parts for Aermacchi and lightweight Harley-Davidson two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycles.

Moto Italia has been in the Aermacchi Harley-Davidson parts business since 1985. Our inventory consists of over 1/2 million dollars in new Aermacchi Harley-Davidson parts and accessories. Our stock has grown from sources in the United States, England and Italy. A few of the highlights of Moto Italia’s collection are a 1964 250cc CRTT Sprint, a 250cc Chimera, a “Dale’s Harley Shop” 1975 SX-250 Desert Racer (prototype MX-250) and production version MX-250.

Throughout this website, you will find graphics of Aermacchi and/or Harley-Davidson motorcycles, however, we are not affiliated with the Harley-Davidson Motor Company or Aermacchi. We are an independent shop.

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