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The legendary Sprint CRTT flat-single competition racers were born in 1961 when the Italian factory of Aermacchi entered into a financial relationship with Harley-Davidson of the USA, a union which led to the production of 250cc and 350cc racing motorcycles for A.M.A. lightweight competition.

Experience the Harley-Davidson Sprint competition Racer again and join the racing action in conjunction with A.H.R.M.A. and W.E.R.A. at such elite race tracks as Daytona and Mid Ohio. Based upon a kit developed by John Basore and a combination of available used parts from road going models, your replica road racer delivers all the performance and style of the original grand prix models.

That’s right, either purchase or sponsor, but most importantly get off the fence and experience antique motorcycle road-racing utilizing the old Harley-Davidson Sprint. Definitely “A Blast from the Past”!

Harley Davidson Sprint Race Kit
Kits starting at $4995 to a race ready chassis at $5995.

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Super Sprint Aermacchi Road Racing Kits

Optional Parts/Price List

To place an order, please call our order desk at (707) 763-1982. *Prices subject to change without notice

Part Number Description Retail
CPP/1000 CYCLE ’65 CRTT Chassis Kit (CPP/1001 thru CPP/1039) 3995.00
CPP/1001 Seat Tabs, Steel (4) 6.00
CPP/1002 Rear Seat Tabs, Steel (2) 6.00
CPP/1003 Front Fairing Mount Tabs, Steel (2) 5.00
CPP/1004 Front Fairing Mounts, Chrome Molly Tubing 96.00
CPP/1005 Side Fairing Mounts, Chrome Molly Tubing (2) 79.00
CPP/1006 Frame Braces, Chrome Molly Tubing (2) 37.00
CPP/1007 Rear Fuel Tank Mount, Chrome Molly Tubing 29.00
CPP/1008 Front Axle Speedo Drive Unit Spacer. Alloy 11.00
CPP/1009 Clip-On Spacers, Alloy 35mm to 30mm (2) 32.00
CPP/1011 Fork Tube Preload Spacers, Alloy 30mm (6) 11.00
CPP/1012 MOTION PRO Throttle Cable Assembly 15.00
CPP/1013 Clutch or Brake Cable Assembly (2) 30.00
CPP/1014 MOROSO Petcock (2) 37.00
CPP/1019 MAGURA Clip-Ons, Alloy 35mm 194.00
CPP/1020 Kill Button, Alloy 12.00
CPP/1021 Throttle & Grip, Alloy 69.00
CPP/1022 Left Grip 9.00
CPP/1023 Right Lever Assembly, Alloy 36.00
CPP/1024 Left Lever Assembly, Alloy 32.00
CPP/1025 TAROZZI Alloy Rigid Rear Set Kit 163.00
CPP/1026 FCL Fairing, Poppy Red Fiberglass Two Piece Works Style 658.00
CPP/1027 Windscreen, Clear Plexiglas 125.00
CPP/1028 Fuel Tank w/Monza Gas Cap, Poppy Red Fiberglass 814.00
CPP/1029 Seat with Cover, Poppy Red Fiberglass 286.00
CPP/1030 Front Fender, Poppy Red Fiberglass 105.00
CPP/1031 AVON Vintage Front Racing Tire, AM20 90/90 H18 234.00
CPP/1032 AVON Vintage Rear Racing Tire AM22 110/80 H18 257.00
CPP/1033 MICHELIN Front or Rear Tubes (2) 33.00
CPP/1036 EXCEL Front Rim, Alloy Shouldered WM-2 260.00
CPP/1037 Rear Rim, Alloy Shouldered WM-3 280.00
CPP/1038 BUCHANAN Spoke & Nipple Sets, Stainless Steel (2) 254.00
CPP/1039 PROGRESSIVE Rear Shock Set, 11″ CALL
CPP/1040-STD CYCLE Chassis W/Std Frame, 30mm Forks & Std Ft. Brake 4995.00
CPP/1040-180 Chassis W/Std Frame, 300mm Forks & 180mm Ft Brake 5495.00
CPP/1040-230 Chassis W/Super Sprint Frame, 35mm Forks & 230mm Ft Brake 8995.00
CPP/1041-246 246cc Racing Motor Assy. 66mm X 72mm (Wet Clutch) 4995.00
CPP/1041-248 248cc Racing Motor Assy. 72mm X 61mm (Dry Clutch) 6995.00
CPP/1041-344 344cc Racing Motor Assy. 74mm X 80mm (Dryt Clutch) 7995.00
CPP/1041-402 402cc Racing Motor Assy. 80mm X 80mm (Dry Clutch) 8995.00
CPP/2000 WISECO 74/74.5/75/75.5MM std. Forged Piston Assy. 149.00
CPP/2004 CYCLE Super Sprint Frame, Chrome Moly W/Alloy Mts & S/S Hdwe. 2963.00
CPP/2004-R CYCLE Super Sprint Frame, Round Rear Fork Kit, steel 295.00
CPP/2005-30 CERIANI Fork 30mm Fork Assy, 675mm or 725mm (NOS or Rebuilt) 550.00
CPP/2005-35 GCB 35mm Racing Fork Assy, 675mm or 725mm 1561.00
CPP/2005-LPS LEAK PROOF Fork Seal Kit, 30mm or 35mm 23.00
CPP/2006 CYCLE KRTT Style Seat & Pad, White Fiberglass 208.00
CPP/2007-230 GRIMECA Four Shoe Double Leading Front Brake Assy, 230mm 1034.00
CPP/2007-180 GRIMECA Four Shoe Single Leading Front Brake Assy, 180mm 673.00
CPP/2007-180F H-D Full Width Double Leading Front Brake, 180mm (Rebult) 295.00
CPP/2007-180R H-D Full Width Single Leading Rear Brake, 180mm (Rebult) 195.00
CPP/2009 MOROSO Exhaust Pipe W/Muffler & Hanger, Works Style 369.00
CPP/2010 MAGURA Right Dual Pull Lever Assembly, Alloy 86.00
CPP/2011 MOTION PRO Rear Brake Cable Assembly 30.00
CPP/2012 DIAMOND ENGINEERING Polished Stainless Steel Hardware CALL
CPP/2040 AUTO METER 10K Tachometer & Bracket Kit (8/10/14K) 337.00
CPP/2041 RJE Five Speed C/R Trans Gear Set, ’73/’74. “Sprint” CALL
CPP/2042 HANDY Front & Rear Wheel Stands 170.00
CPP/2043 SPROCKET SPECIALISTS 428 or 520 Sprockets CALL
CPP/2044 EK 428 or 520 Racing Chain CALL
CPP/2049 CRTT / CRS / ERS L&R Studio Photos, 8.5″ X 11″ (12) 60.00
CPP/2050 MORRIS MLR 40W Castor Racing Oil, 1 Litre Bottle 20.00